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We are  a non-profit corporation and have as our main purpose the goal to provide music scholarships to students who will be furthering their musical education.

Who we are

We are a mid age to older group of members who enjoy the “Big-Band” era music and dancing.  Most are over 55.  However, we seem to be  attracting younger and younger participants. So, one could say, we range  in age from 30 to 90.  At any rate,  whatever our age, we are a  fun-loving, dance-loving group of very nice and friendly people who  enjoy listening and dancing to the wonderful music from the “Big-Band”  era.  And you will love it, too.  Remember, it’s proven by several  prestigious studies – music and dancing helps the mind as well as the body  and keeps you younger in many, many ways.


Scholarship program

Our number one charitable responsibility, which we take very seriously, is the music scholarships. We realize that in order to preserve the ”Big-Band” era dancing that we enjoy there must be musicians to play the music.  Thus we provide scholarships to ensure local students have the opportunity to continue their music education.

In past years we have awarded $1000.00 scholarships to deserving graduating seniors who will be furthering their musical endeavors in  college.  In 2006 four music scholarships were awarded. In 2007 we were  able to award six. In 2008 (with the generosity of an anonymous donor) we  were  able to award seven. In 2009 (with the generosity of the same  anonymous donor) we gave another six scholarships. In 2010 we again gave six scholarships to San Joaquin Valley students.  In 2011 we awarded eight scholarships, in 2012 we awarded six scholarships and in 2013 we awarded six scholarships.  In 2014 we began to support local music camps and we funded two $1400 scholarships.  These funds help local students continue their music education. We hope to continue this tradition each and every year with your support through attending our dances and supporting our fund raisers.

Our Board

Our Board of Directors meet monthly and you are invited to attend so the board can learn how you think we can improve our dances.  See the “BOARD MEETING” page to learn when and where the meetings are held.


The Dances

Please come, or continue to come, and enjoy an afternoon of great music and dance to some of  the best Big-Band orchestras around.


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